A License to Earn

InstantClickProfits operates with a new term. We call it : A license to earn.

Every member that wants to earn money from ICP needs an active license. Gone are the days of an army of clickers that have no funds to purchase any of the offers clicked on.

Everyone that wants to earn from clicking the ads have to purchase the license to earn first. This will filter out all the people with no money. It is a guarantee to the advertisers that the people who visit their offers also are able to purchase.

You will Receive quality visitors to your own links while earning one dollar for each site you visit yourself!

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Everyone can earn money here

InstantClickProfits is probably the first program where absolutely everyone can earn money. You do not need to sponsor anyone to earn although there is extra earnings for those who sponsor. There is no traditional MLM structure although everyone that wants can earn from referring others. InstantClickProfits will earn you money.

You just need to follow some very simple steps to make Money with ICP.

1. Sign up

2. Fund your account

3. Purchase your License to Earn

4. Setup the link for your own Ad

5. Click the links of the other members